re: DIY CO2

>From: Marty Durkin <durkin at stsci_edu>
>I then connected this to a valve on the back of the tank.  From the valve,
>I connect airline tubing with a bubble stone at the end of it.  
>If I shake the solution, I get lots of bubbles in the tank.  However, if
>the solution just sits there, I don't get any bubbles at all.  I'm not sure
>why I get the bubbling in the test bucket, but 
>not in the aquarium.  Could this be due to the cool temperature of the
>room (i.e. the yeast is not active enough at this temperature).  

Based on past experience, I'd say you have a leak.  I'd try skipping the valve
first and see if it bubbles into the tank.

Another thing that I've found to help make the bubble rate more consistent over
time is to add 1 tsp of baking soda to the mixture.

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