Re: Crossocheilus and where they come from

> From: Vicente Gil <vgil at arale_taknet.es>
> Subject: Crossocheilus and were they come from
> He explain me that the reason it is thet they come from a farm in the
> the Tchek Republik and not from Asia.

This is new for me!  I know that many ex-communist countries are very
advanced in breeding of aquarium fish, so this is possible.  I know too 
that at least some Epalzeorhynchus species (closely related to SAEs) are 
bred in captivity, probably normally with hormone injections.  The real 
SAE  is very common fish here in Finland, and they are always imported 
from SE Asia, not from Central or East European fish farms.  (I have to
remember to ask local importers what they know of Czech fish farms.)
> So, if somebody it is interested on the adress of this shop or anything
> else about the farm, let me know

I am certainly very interested.  Please tell me (and Neil, too) more!

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