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Subject: Trumpet Snails

Yoadie yo ho !!!

Based on a message from alan van nevel to All,

 avn> Can anyone provide a brief description of a Malaysian Trumpet snail? 
 avn> At the pet store where I work, we have some trumpet snails, that may

Well, the adult MT snail as about 3/4" long, with a very
slender shell that looks like a corkscrew or something. the
colour is brown, with nice patches on it. The shell has a
lid. The snail is interesting, because it's dark in colour
unlike many other snails. Its mouth is very long.

 avn> be the right kind.  Also, would these snails be a good addition to a
 avn> tank that has a large patch of Lilleopsis (not sure which species, it
 avn> is rather short)?  The substrate for the lilleaopsis is not very deep,
 avn> compared to the rest of the tank.

The snails don't destroy any plants, and they don't really
move the substrate, so I don't think there would be any
problems. They don't need a deep substrate.

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