Aquarium Hoods

George - I tried to email this to you privately, but something wouldn't work....

>After seeing the hoods that were available commercially, I designed my
>own that has worked very well.  In concept, it is a full hood that has
>been cut in half from side to side.  A piano hinge allows the front
>part to flip up and rest on the back part, leaving the front half of
>the tank open and accessible and allowing the rear set of lights to
>continue to illuminate the tank.  The rear half can be slid back
>towards the wall a few inches to gain even more access.  I have been
>using two of these for about seven years now and would not change a
>thing.  Four thumbs up.


It just so happens I have two double electronic ballasts in the mail at the
moment, finding their way to my door.

Would you mind sending me instructions for making your hood.  It sounds
like just the thing I need.  What is the material it is made of.