Antibiotics, resistant infections, etc...

	Thank you Dionigi for your warning. I am, however, already aware
of the ways by which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics as it is one
of the most common tools that we use to screen bacteria in the lab. I also
live about 100 yards from CDC headquarters and spend some time reading
about their projections for morbidity/mortality rates for infection
diseases in the coming years. I agree, it is a scary thing. However...
	The directions on the package of erythromycin that I used stated
that I should use 2.5 mg/l for four days. This is what I did. Because I am
not sure of the negative effects that erythromycin might have on the fish,
filter, and plants in my aquarium, I decided not to increase the dosage or
extend the treatment. I just wanted to get this discussion back onto the
topic of possible alternatives instead of continuing the discussion of
bacterial resistance.