Re: Large pond questions

> From: Larry West <ljw at voyagerco_com>
> they had a pond constructed on the property from a fairly wild area (no
> crops growing here). The pond is about 1/2 to 1 acre on the surface, and
> goes as deep as 12-16 feet. It is fed mostly by runoff from the hills above
> There are no plants in the water, it's basically a sandy pool.
> THe water is silty, with a light brown tone to it. Visibility from the
> surface is no more than 12" or so.
> I'd like to be able to recommend to them what they can do to a) clear up
> the water and b) improve the conditions for the fish. I was thinking that
> on the 'uphill' side of the pond, that they dig out some of the shore, and
> replace it with coarse gravel (or scrap rock that can be gotten from a
> local quarry), to provide a kind of mechanical filtration for the water
> that keeps the pond filled. I hope that this would reduce the silting, and
> help clear the water.

Depending upon what's in the silt, it actually provides good nutrients
for aquatic plants. A good bed of aquatic plants (like reeds) can also
serve as a trap for silt. Not sure if the brown tone is a suspension
of fine clay or organic leachings of various kinds. I know enough to
know that I can't advise you further. Perhaps a local biologist or
some other resource could supply better advice. You may need a water
or silt analysis.

Steve in Vancouver