Bacopa Lanigera

Hi everyone,

I got three stems of Bacopa Lanigera yesterday. I traded a couple of bags
of salvinia and water sprite for it. The Baench Atlas says that it needs
intense light, good fertilization and is a "connoisseur's" plant --
difficult to grow.

It is very pretty, a lovely light green with white veins in the leaves
which are large and rounded. I have a 48 gallon tank with 4 5000K bulbs, 40
watts each,(3 ultralumes and one chroma 50). I use Tropica Master Grow
fertilizer and have Terralit in the gravel. Water is changed every two
weeks. Seems to me this may be okay for this plant. Has anyone had
experience with it? Is it likely to prosper in my conditions?

Thanks for any info.