A better hood for a planted tank

From: JBathjr at aol_com
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 09:28:09 -0400

> The canopy can be slid toward the front of the tank six or eight
> inches to get a hand and arm down to the very rear of the tank but
> there is no way to work in the middle or front of the tank with this
> setup. Had I realized the frequency of this hands in the tank thing, I
> think I would have opted for a MH fixture. This canopy must be removed
> at least every other day and it is really heavy! In addition, some
> other light ( I use a shop light) is needed to see what you are doing
> in there.

After seeing the hoods that were available commercially, I designed my
own that has worked very well.  In concept, it is a full hood that has
been cut in half from side to side.  A piano hinge allows the front
part to flip up and rest on the back part, leaving the front half of
the tank open and accessible and allowing the rear set of lights to
continue to illuminate the tank.  The rear half can be slid back
towards the wall a few inches to gain even more access.  I have been
using two of these for about seven years now and would not change a
thing.  Four thumbs up.

Full DIY instructions are archived in the Krib or I can e-mail them
to intersted parties or repost it here in the APD. 

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