UGF/Heater System

Subject: UGF with Heaters
Todd March wrote:

> I liked the idea--the simplicity--of the system Karen Randall de
> the Krib, and so decided to imp lament it; unfortunately I scour
> _country_ and could not find the Schego 7.5W mini heaters anywhe
> (Everyone told me they had a very difficult getting them for sev
> months)

I'm not sure why you had so much trouble finding these.  They are 
available quite regularly in discount pet stores around here.  My 
"regular" pet store was also able to order them for me when I 
needed some more.  Someone else told me that although they are not 
listed in the Pet Warehouse catalog, when he called and asked, 
they had them in stock and were able to send him what he needed.

> What I ended up doing was using 25W mini heaters, one o
> side of a 30"X12" tank. To prevent any heat damage to the uplift
> replaced the thin plastic 1" tubes with much thicker (but clear)
> tubes I bought at my aquarium supplier...I set the heater, after
> fussing with a silly control system, at around 78F.
> Because I live in Southern California where it is warm A LOT, I 
> concerned with providing great amounts of heat year round, and r
> keep my house at about 70F-78F. What I have found is that the he
> on a lot, and will anticipate replacing them every year at least
> think these poor little 25W'ers struggling to heat 30 gallons wi
> them out rather quickly. The water temperature has been pretty c
> 76F.

Actually, the fact that they are on a lot is probably a good sign. 
 That would seem to indicate that they are pulling enough cooler 
water past them that they need to keep running to heat it.  I 
would have supected that they might quickly heat up the water in 
the limited space inside the tube and cycle off and on frequently 
(which actually wears out heaters a lot faster than running 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA