Algae - 3x

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From: Michael Eckardt <mike at argosys_odg.com>
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Subject: Algae - 3x
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 9:23:00 EDT

1. Thanks to Shelly for the Algae post. How come we got it twice though?

2. The only algae that is troublesome in my tank is hard, spotty black stuff.
   Neither the Otos, nor the SAEs or the Ancistrus wants to have anything to
   to with it. It is all over my Anubias.  How can I deal with it, short of
   cutting the leaves off?

3. In my basement I found a plant fertilizer bottle that is labelled
   "Liquid Seaweed Extract" 0-0-1 with .005% cytokinis.
(it also has an expiry date of June 1983). Any idea what cytokinis is? And
    could it be useful (unexpired) in a plant tank?
Mike Eckardt