Reprinting articles

Hi Folks,

I know the algae articles reprinted on the APD were placed there 
with the best of intentions.  As the author of one of those 
articles though, I would like to point out that it is the 
responsibility of the person posting something like this to obtain 
the permission of the authors before doing so.

I know I was not asked, and I doubt the other authors were either. 
I have _absolutely no problem_ with sharing this information here. 
But please be aware that most people who write for this hobby do 
so for little or no recompense.  At very least, they deserve the 
courtesy of being asked before their material is distributed.  

Even material obtained from club newsletters usually has very 
specific rule regarding its use and distribution. (These are 
usually printed somewhere in the publication)  The same thing is 
true of articles available at web sites.  If the web site is run 
in a reputable manner, the owner has contacted the authors for 
their permission before including any material.  The fact that the 
material is there for you to read, download, learn from and enjoy 
does not make it any less the author's personal property.

Please do not take advantage of the folks who give so freely of 
their time and effort. 

(BTW, all of the above pertains to artwork published in club 
publications or available at various web sites as well)

End of lecture... let's talk about plants! :-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardener's Association