Re: Riccia habits

Michael Eckardt <mike at argosys_odg.com> writes:

<<R. fluitans grows in almost all conditions, however, it seems to prefer a 
tank with little water movement (otherwise is falls apart)>>

Another instance of "there are always exceptions to the rules," I guess!  My
Riccia forms big dense pillows that grow strongest where they spin around
right next to the filter outflow waterfall...  A funny bonus is I have a
Crinum thalium (? the straight-leaved kind of onion plant, not the African C.
natans) -  and the tips of the Crinum's leaves got hung up in the Riccia, and
were twisted into a semi-permanent deformity - I have a Corkscrew Crinum
thalium!  Now if only LaMarck had been right about passing on acquired

Anne Hull Seales
Santa Cruz CA
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