FWD: re: Riccia

>From: Michael Eckardt <mike at argosys_odg.com>

>There are (at least) two Riccia species: R. fluitans and R. rhenana (see
>Baensch Atlas #3.
>The most common is R. fluitans, which is a floating plant and doesn't do
>well submers for an extended period of time without a lot of  maintenance.
>Theother species looks exactly the same, except it sinks and has adapted to
>submers living conditions. I, as well as others on this list, suspect that
>Amano uses this species in his tanks.
Although the  Aqua Journal (published  by  Amano) is printed in Japanese it 
does list the Latin names of the plants shown in the photographs. Based on 
this source Amano uses R. fluitans for growing submersed.