Dear Plant Experts,

        I  am a lurker from the aquatic plants newsgroup/digest.I need
some help.

        The question/senario

        I am going to be moving into a new apartment in September. At
that time I would like to convert my 130 gallon cichlid tank to a plant
tank Including proper lighting, substrate and CO2.  (In the ideal
senario I would like to leave some of the smaller ones in the tank, but
it is not a necessity...They are mainly small julidochromis and  a few
tropheus dubosi.  They like a pH of 8 or so.) 
        The question I would like answered is: If you were to have such
a tank and had saved the necessary cash, what would you purchase to
outfit it-pulling out the stops - I can put them in later if necessary
;)  I would like as complete a set up as possible.  If possible tied
into a power mac to control it....

        I have no real knowlege of this stuff so names and suppliers
would be nice.  If you could please reply to me directly (as well as the
news group if you want.)

        Thanks in advance.

        Buddy Wiese
        M.D./Ph.D. Student
        University of Michigan