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Subject:       PLANT SOURCE
Date:          Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:05:50 CST

FYI  Back in February I placed an order to WESTERLEIGH AQUARIUM       
P.O. BOX 140011, Staten Island, N.Y.  10314-0011.  I ordered their  
"Aquatic Plant Collection" for $12.00 plus $2.00 postage & handling.  
To say the least I was very pleased.   I received more than the 7 
they had advertised.  A few were common varities but I did receive 
some that were unusual to me.  They advertise in some of the popular 
fish mags in the classified.  They say they are green house grown .  
They were very clean no snails etc.... If you are interested write 
for their price list.  Minimum order from very good list is $12.00 
dollars plus $2.00 dollars shiping and handling.  They  only charge 2 
bucks for any order  per their price list.  It took about 2-weeks to 
receive my order but that was also during the big blizzard up there.  
Remember my experience was good.  YOU USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!!!!!  
THANKS MIKE BERNARDONI    p.s  They (plants) have grown so good that  
about every other week I take a bag or two for trade to my local