Shrimp as algae eater

Recently I went back to my home country Taiwan and visited many aquarium
in Taipei. I saw a lot of high quality plant tanks in the city and
talk to the owners to share the experience. Basically plant tanks are
very popular in Taiwan and price is very resonable. I also found that
most plant tank use shrimp to clean the algae including the black algae.
Typicially you can see about hundred of tiny shrimp living in a 100
gal tank and people told me those native Taiwaness shrimp did a very
good job.

Now I kept three different shrimps in my tank but the black algae still
growing well.  The two Singapore shrimps look like work hard but I do
not like their size. The bum-bee(?) shirmp work hard too but it cost too
much $1.99 each and 100 will cost you $199. The ghost shrimp actually is
too aggressive to kill the bum-bee and also the same size tetra and
finially I dump them. The algae-eating shrimp in Taipei is really cheap
even the living standard in Taipei is very high. I wonder if anyone know
how to import those shirmp or I can find some other shrimp in San
Francisco area to do the same job. I know SAE but I would like to
try some different approach.

Thank you very mush!

Gordon Ko @ Sunny Cupertino