Rotala macrandra...?

Neil Frank, on June 11, 1996 said:

>This may explain why crypts (6-7 differrent species) have completely taken
>over my non-CO2 injected, low light, 70 gallon peat substrate tank after 5
>years. The only other plant that is doing well is Rotala macrandra.

It was my understanding that Rotala macrandra was something of a prima
dona--light loving, picky about substrate conditions (didn't someone
recommend potting r.macrandra--ala Karen Randall--not too long ago...?).
Perhaps you could give us further information on your tank, and your
experience with this red beauty, Neil...?

And of course, anyone with r. macrandra hints, chime right up!


Todd March
tmarch at primenet_com