Re: Water hyacinths

> I have run a little experiment. I placed some water hyacinth and water
>lettuce in a small pond in my back yard.( I plan to get to the point and
>to planted tanks after some background info ). The water in the pond was
>dark and hand a green tint to it. After 2 weeks it is now clear and
>clean.  I have no filter in the pond and it is located in full sun. What
>I'm wondering about, and thinking of trying, is to use water hyacinth in
>my indoor tank to help control alge. So, before I reinvent the wheel, I
>thought I would ask if anyone out there has already tried this.

Water hyacinths are one of those miracle plants that filter water very
well. I seem to remember reading they can do a number on metals as well.

Unfortunately, I have never had luck bringing them indoors. There is a
perennial thread in rec.ponds on this subject and it seems that no one has
been able to keep his water hyacinths consistently alive
indoors--regardless of lighting arrangement, temp, etc.

If anyone has had better luck, please let us know what you did.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
gtong at sirius_com

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