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Subject: Re: How do I get Riccia to root?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 14:31:59 EDT

John wrote:
"Hi,  I saw in one of Amanos tanks that he had Riccia that took ahold of
driftwood.  I want to try Riccia for the first time and want to either put
it on some wood or better yet get it to hold on some rocks.  How is this
done?  Should it be tied down like Java Fern?  What light, water parameters,
and fertilizers does Riccia like? Thanks."

There are (at least) two Riccia species: R. fluitans and R. rhenana (see
Baensch Atlas #3.

The most common is R. fluitans, which is a floating plant and doesn't do
well submers for an extended period of time without a lot of  maintenance. 
Theother species looks exactly the same, except it sinks and has adapted to
submers living conditions. I, as well as others on this list, suspect that
Amano uses this species in his tanks.

R. fluitans grows in almost all conditions, however, it seems to prefer a 
tank with little water movement (otherwise is falls apart). Since I have 
a surface skimmer and some movement, I stuck a plastic tiewrap into the 
center of the 'plant' and hooked the other end over the side of the tank. 
Now it stays put and doesn't 'shed' its 'leaves'.

Mike Eckardt