Re: SAE's/ "Royal Pl*co"

I never had one so I can not say how good they are at eating algae.  Don't
they only eat Red Algae and leave other types of algae alone?  I only
experience green algae in my tanks and if this is so I have no use for them.
I bought some ottos for the first time a couple weeks ago and my experience
is that they are not the total ticket to cleaning up algae.  I like the fact
that they are very small and peaceful.  I think they do a good job of
cleaning algae off the leaves of plants, but they do not touch the algae on
the glass.  Can anyone share their experience with ottos?  Why won't they
eat the algae on the glass?  I have 6 of them in my 55 gallon tank.  My best
algae eater so far has been a regular old "common" pl*co.  He cleans the
glass AND the leaves of my Amazon Swords that were coverd with a light layer
of green algae.  He is not slow about it either. When I was waiting for my
two plant tanks to stabilize I would transfer him from tank to tank when
algae built up.  He cleans the entire tank of algae in one day.  Glass,
leaves, and all.  These are 55 and 30 gallon tanks.  I was worried after
hearing some stories that this pl*co would eat my plants, especially the
Amazon Swords, but he has not damaged them yet.  I am very impressed with
him.  One day you look at a tank with green algae and the next day you look
and would never have known there was an algae problem in the tank.  I sound
like his spokesperson.  <G>.  If you are out there Nike, listen up.  <G>.  I
bought a pl*co sold to me the other day as a "Royal Pl*co".  I paid $15.
for it and want to know more about it.  Did I get a bargin?  If you know
about this fish I would like to know about it.  First time I saw one.  It
reminds me of a flying "bat".
It is colored deep black with gray stripes and has what I think is a tinge
of green mixed in with the grey.  It loves the driftwood in my tank.  I can
see where it is gouging the wood from sucking on it.  It looks like the wood
has been "brushed-burned".  Thank you.


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