Re: SAEs (NOT) over-rated

>From: "Jennifer Van Buskirk" <J.VanBuskirk at m_cc.utah.edu>
>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 15:40:15 +0000
>Subject: SAE's over-rated!?
>Anyhow, after purchasing 4 SAE's for my 135 gallon planted discus
>tank I have one observation.  They don't eat algea, well "mine"
>don't!  Their at the front corner of my aqaurium with the Discus begging for
>beefheart, or brine shrimp, or flakes, or what ever.  Needless to
>say, they are quite fast and eat a majority of the food.  Their
>pot-bellies and large size prove this!

First of all -- are you sure that what you have are the "real" SAEs? There
are at least two fish that look very like them but are not the good algae

I have 3 SAEs and if you don't see your's eating algae I would suggest that
they are the "false" SAEs. Mine eat algae constantly. No algae that SAEs
like get a toe-hold in my tank! They also love all the other fish food and
eat that too. Consequently they are now the biggest fish in the tank. But
they definately eat algae though I do believe that they prefer the newest
algae to old stuff so if your tank is full of old well-grown algae you may
have to make them a lot hungrier before they eat it. Kind of like us
preferring young, succulent veggies and not old, tough, woody ones. You may
have to use the bleach treatment on your plants, ornaments etc. and start

in Vancouver with sun breaking through clouds -- supposed to get hot.