Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #4

Dan,  < HO Lamps >

My experience with HO and VHO bulbs has been good with one exception:
I am using three (3) HO AquaSun lamps on my 48" tank. They are bright and the
plants and algae both seem to grow well but this tank has only been set up
for a month. The bulbs are mounted in an oak canopy, each in a 4 foot piece
of white plastic gutter using the imported waterproof end caps. The IceCap
ballast is mounted below in the cabinet and is a fine piece of equipment.
However, had I discovered this mailing list and the fine folks on  it sooner,
I do beleive I would have done it differently. The canopy can be slid toward
the front of the tank six or eight inches to get a hand and arm down to the
very rear of the tank but there is no way to work in the middle or front of
the tank with this setup. Had I realized the frequency of  this hands in the
tank thing, I think I would have opted for a MH fixture. This canopy must be
removed at least every other day and it is really heavy! In addition, some
other light ( I use a shop light) is needed to see what you are doing in
there. One more thing, the tank would go from 75 or so degrees in the morning
to 81 after the lights were on for six or eight hours. Did I mention the
chiller I had to put under the tank? Now the gravel temp is about 79 in the
middle of the day while the water stays at 75 and from what I have read on
this list, it is a good thing to have bottom heat like this but it will not
work in the winter.
I apologize to you all for the length of this relpy.
 Good Luck!    Jack in the Deepest South Mississippi