Re: Delaware Aquatic Plants

> From: tmarch at primenet_com (Todd March)
> Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 20:51:26 -0700
> Subject: Delaware Aquatic Plants
> Has anyone had any experience that they can share with me about mail order
> plants from
> Delaware Aquatic Plants (Mike Trzonkowski), in Newark, Delaware?
> Got any great sources you can recommend?
> Todd March
> tmarch at primenet_com

My experience has been that the plants are nice and the prices are reasonable. However, 
if you're easily frustrated by not being able to get a human on the phone or by not 
having calls returned, forget it. I placed an order shortly after Christmas and Mike 
said it would be shipped on a specific date, overnight express due to the cold weather. 
When the plants didn't arrive I called, and called, and called over a period of a few 
days. Sometimes I got an answering machine, on which I left a message, and sometimes I 
just got his message and no opportunity to leave a message. The plants finally arrived a 
few days later, but I never heard anything from him.