Re: Delaware Aquatics

You recently submitted a letter regarding Delaware Aquatics and were
curious about the quality. I can tell you that I have ordered from Mike
several times, and have nothing but glowing reviews for him and his
plants. They are always top quality, and worth the cost .  I recently had
the opportunity to visit his new aquarium store in Newark, as well. It is
a very nice quality store. It offers a good selection of fish and plants
as well. ( The store doesn't quite have the variety of mail order, but
since it is a new store, it possibly will as time goes on. )  I have to
say that I wouldn't order or buy plants from anyone else ( unless Karen
R. opens a plant business that is....<G> )  except Mike.  I am sure that
you will hear a lot of other people agree with this. Top quality plants,
top quality guy. I  highly recommend you consider giving him a call.