SAE's over-rated!?

Before getting bashed for my foul tongue, please note!  This is for my 
tank, the key word being "my".  

Anyhow, after purchasing 4 SAE's for my 135 gallon planted discus 
tank I have one observation.  They don't eat algea, well "mine" 
don't!  Their at the front corner of my aqaurium with the Discus begging for 
beefheart, or brine shrimp, or flakes, or what ever.  Needless to 
say, they are quite fast and eat a majority of the food.  Their 
pot-bellies and large size prove this!

I still have various varieties of algea, and no aglea eaters, any 

Matt Van Buskirk
j.vanbuskirk at m_cc.utah.edu