Re: Sandpoint's System

Todd March asked if anyone was using Sandpoint's new Cable Convective 
substrate heating
equipment? (Guestimate of $175 street price); note: this is different from
their Cable Heating System!  I set up the system and like it.  The $175 is a 
RIP OFF!!!  Call sandpoint directly and get it for around $125 plus tax and 
mailing costs.  The heating element is very fine, insulated wire and they 
include suction cups to hold it in place.  Be sure to test the equipment 
before covering it up.  A light will come on on the system to let you know 
its working.  My water temp is around 86F and the bottom of the tank (stick 
on thermometer on the outside) measures 90F.  Since I'm in the process of 
eliminating a red algae infestation and the tank is nitrogen deficient, I 
can't comment on the sucess of the system.  This is my first planted tank 
with substrate heating so I have no comparison.

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil