Unusual Otos

"Olive K. Charlsey" <achaudh at emory_edu> wrote:

<<< What do you mean by teeth, 
though? Do you mean rasps or lips? I don't think that mine has very
"teeth" if you mean rasps... Mine has the U shaped pupil also.>>>

My teeth=your rasps....same thing!

The notch in the pupil of both "type 1" and "type 2" Otos is one of
characteristics that seem different from O. affinis and from the O.
pictured at page 509 of Baensch Aquarium Atlas. Another one is the
shape of the
head, which seems more rounded. A little ago I ordered from a
mail-order place
the Loricariidae volume of the Aqualog: if by chance when I receive
it I find
something useful to identify these fishes, I will post it here.
Is there any owner of the Baensch Atlas Volume 3 that can let me
know if
additional Otocinclus species are described there?


dionigi.maladorno at roche_com