Shy SAE-s

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To everyone who keeps SAE-s!

I'd like to share an interesting observation. I've been
keeping SAE-s for some time now, in two tanks, and I was
often wondering why are the SAE-s in one of the tanks
constantly scared and in hiding near the bottom, afraid of
me when I come close to the tank, etc., and in the other
tank, the single SAE was lively and always on the move. At
forst I thought it was the water quality, but water changes,
etc didn't seem to help much. Then I thought it was the
current, meaning was the water flowing fast or not, but
again, in both tthe tanks there was almost no current. Then
I discovered a very strange thing. While for example Kuhli
loaches like hiding, and lots of plants, it seems that SAE-s
are not happy unless they have an open space where they can
swim freely, and that cramped space with lots of plants, and
no open light makes them go into a hiding/scared mode for a
loooong time. Today I re-modelled my tank with the SAE-s and
discovered that they now are swimming openly, together with
Nemacheilus loaches which seemed to be suffering from the
same problem (!). They're not even afraid of me anymore!
Incredible, this all happened in a couple of hours!

So if you keep SAE-s make sure you gve them open space to
move about, or they won't be happy at all...

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