Re: Water Changes Start Growth

Hmmm...  Could your bubbles be this ->  I know when I make water changes (
with my python )  the same thing happens and not because ( IMHO ) of
anything BUT water splashing in the tank upon refill.  Even if I put the
python under the water so that there isn't any surface agitation this
happens.  If you watch, the python kind of "injects" air bubbles into the
water.  I could make this happen right now if I did a water change.  The
bubbles will also "hang" or stick on the inside glass.  If you take your
plants and give them a shake a couple times throughout the day after this
change the bubbles will go away sooner.  My sword plants always collect
these bubbles after a change.  They do more so than the other plants I think
because they have larger leaves and are able to collect and "hold" the
bubbles easier.  My Hygrophilia is not good at holding these bubbles. IMO I
do not think it has anything to do with a nutrient reaction.  I think you
are being "tricked" into thinking your plants are going through a
"super-charged" state when all you are seeing is what I tried to explain
above. I would put money on it that you are seeing the same thing I do after
a water change.  Maybe Karen, Frank, David W., or Steve P. can explain what
I am talking about.  

There are always exceptions to the rules.