I'm considering moderating the list temporarily - just until the 
references to our world-famous, non-existent catalog can be expunged from 
the archives and anywhere else they might be hiding.  I would not be 
moderating for plants-related posts at all.

The version of Majordomo that the APD runs on doesn't appear to support a 
configuration that prevents non-subscribers from posting to the APD.  
Invoking that option was my first choice.

The possible problem I see with temporary moderation is that I rarely 
check my email before the late evening, so there would be no digests 
through the day.  Y'all may not consider that a problem at all.

I guess the question I'm putting to you is:  which is/would be more 
annoying - the occasional "please send me your catalog" post that sneaks 
in or getting the APDs in the evening the majority of the time?

Please let me know your thoughts on the above.  Unless you really believe 
your opinion will be of interest to the rest of the list, mail me directly.

Thanks -