Re: Unusual Oto-like fishes

> From: DIONIGI MALADORNO 201-812-3495 <DIONIGI.MALADORNO at roche_com>

> Type 1: basic O. affinis body size and shape, but with the following
> differences: wider mouth with very pronounced teeth,  heavier and
> more rounded head, light gray background upper body color with a
> >From the pictures seen in the aquarium books, they seem to differ
> from O. flexilis  in the reduced thickness of the first ray of the dorsal fin,
> heavier head shape and general body coloration pattern. Also, the
> eyes are not perfectly round, but rather have a little notch in the
> shape of the pupil (similar to Rineloricaria sp.).

	This sounds a lot like what I have. What do you mean by teeth, 
though? Do you mean rasps or lips? I don't think that mine has very large 
"teeth" if you mean rasps... Mine has the U shaped pupil also.

> Type 2: this is the "contaminant", which does not school with the
> one. The background color is black , with evenly distributed small and very
> light brown/yellow dots. Actually, at close examination these color
> marks are not really dots, but rather very very short rods (lines).

	This sounds like the "flexis" that I used to have. Hmm... The 
coloration that you talked about is exactly the way my old one used to have.