Laterite sources?? and Copper problems

Subject: Laterite sources??

Bob Hoffman wrote:

> While there are several sources for lateriate, I would suggest K
> Schoeler Enterprises Inc., 241 County Road 42, Apple Valley , MN
> Telephone 612-432-9608.

Just as long as you know that this is not "straight" laterite.  
According to the information Karl released on the Newsgroup, it 
also contains phosphate and nitrate.


 Subject: Copper problems

> I'm planning to get on the water supply utility for data and ge
> a Cu test kit to see how bad it is. Sounds like carbon filtratio
> may be a potential answer but where to put a holding tank? Karen
> any clue as to when you expect problems with acidity and resulta
> high Cu?

The pH of our water doesn't change much during the year.  It comes 
out of the tap below 6 (full of CO2) and bounces to 8+ within 24 
hours. (you think _you've_ got problems ;-)  It's the copper 
content that changes.

From what I've heard about your water supply, except for the 
possible copper content, our water supplies have little in common. 
 Our water comes from three  town owned wells.  They switch to, or 
more correctly, add in the third well during dry periods. (Not 
this spring by golly... we're heavy into mosquito breeding around 
here at the moment!)  The pH doesn't change, but the copper level 
rises from .25 - .5 ppm to over 3 ppm.  Even without testing the 
water, which I do if I'm suspicious, you can tell when they've 
switched wells because all the plumbing fixtures in the house turn 
bright blue/green.  When it's worst, if you leave a bucket of 
water or the horses' water troughs sitting for 24 hour (until the 
pH rises) you will find a blue/green powder coating the bottom of 
the container. 

> Yes, the snails have disappeared from the tank I did th
> recent large water change on. Fortunately I have a small breedin
> tank full of Betta fry that's chock full of them and I can
> restock. ;-)

Can't say I miss the snails, but I'd sure love to be able to 
maintain some FW shrimp!


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA