Re: Success with Rotala macrandra

>By the way, anyone have the secret to keeping rotala macranda 
>healthy, happy, and most of all, red?  I have 6 watts per gal of light, 
>so I think that is not the secret, but I am open to suggestions.

dH = 3.5, KH = 2.5, 74F to 80F, CO2 = 15-25 ppm, PMDD, 6 watts/gal.,
substrate consists of 2 inches of washed aquarium sand over an inch
of sandy clay/vermiculite with virtually no organic material, little
water movement. It took a few weeks to adjust but it grows like a
weed now.

Dave Whittaker                       ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.CA
Gloucester, Ontario                  dwhitt at magmacom_com