Compact Fluorescents

Greg wrote:

How about naming some names--What does Home Depot call CF adapters? Are you
talking about adapters for pronged lamps? Who made the 5000K lamps you mail
ordered and what was the mail order place? What shape are the 5000K CFLs?

	The adapters that I bought from Home Depot are called "Compact Fluorescent 
- Incandescent Adapters."  They were in the lighting section.  What these adapters 
do is screw into a normal incandescent socket and they have some sort of tiny 
ballast and electronics inside. The CF bulb just plugs into the adapter after it s 
screwed into the socket.  The bulbs that I ordered were made by phillips (you 
could you any company's bulbs as long as they were 9W).  I got them from some 
company's add in FAMA.  They are not hard to find, I could have gotten them from a 
local lighting distributor called E. Sam Jones (in Atlanta). Sorry, I don't know 
the name of the company that I ordered the bulbs from, but they really are not 
hard to find.
	The 9W CFs are a very tight "U" shaped.  The 27W that I have in my desk 
lamp is 3 of those U's put together.

	Read this article for information about the lumens/W for CF's (by 
martin-h at mail_utexas.edu on Thu, 29 Jun 1995): 



	and a bunch more... Just search the archives.