Re: New Compact Fluorescent Lighting

>reefkeepers and freshwater planted)... We figure each 27W bulb is equal to
>2-3 20W regular fluorescent bulbs or maybe one VHO 24", but are MUCH cooler
>to operate....

How did you figure this--by looks or measures of lumen output? I'm thinking
the light only appears brighter because the tube is bent into a smaller
configuration, concentrating the light.

>If there is enough interest, I can get the name of the distributor (my
>dealer installed them into a canopy for me, and I didn't take the boxes

I'm interested. Please do name the distributor. Thanks.

>             Let me tell you how I made a CF setup for a 20gal for much
> less  than $110.  I took an old sh**ty incandescent hood and screwed in
> two CF adapters that I got a Home Depot for about 10 bucks each. I
> threw away the 3500K bulbs that came with these Phillips adapters.  Then
> I went and bought the 5000K bulbs (or 7000K if you want) from a  mail
> order place for about 6 bucks each. 32 Dollars spent and I have  18W of
> CF on the 20 gallon.

How about naming some names--What does Home Depot call CF adapters? Are you
talking about adapters for pronged lamps? Who made the 5000K lamps you mail
ordered and what was the mail order place? What shape are the 5000K CFLs?

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