Re: float switch alarm

In a message dated 96-06-05 15:56:10 EDT, Dirk  wrote:

>the recent discussion of grounding probe materials raised the following
>question in my mind.  I was thinking of setting up an alarm to warn me that
>my RO product water collection tank is full.  I could buy a float switch,
>but why not just set it up so that when water touches two metal contacts a
>circuit is completed and a little piezzo buzzes? 

Why not just wire a solenoid to the float switch to turn off the water to the
RO unit? Then you don't have to be warned, when the collection tank is full
the RO unit shuts off. If you take water from the tank the water comes back
on and the RO refills the tank to your predetermined level. 
Just my $.02

PacNeil at aol_com[Neil Schneider}