Laterite sources??

Does anyone know of a good mail order supplier of laterite?  I know
That Fish Place used to carry it, but they do not anymore.  Thanks for
the help.


OW>Here are my $0.02 worth of advice:
OW>1) Leave the UG filter in place but unhook it.  I am assuming you have 
OW>2-3 inches of gravel.  If not, add some.  
OW>2) Add a large canister filter of your choice.  
OW>3) Get a VHO ballast (i.e., IceCap) and switch to 3 or 4 110 watt full 
OW>spectrum bulbs. 12-15 hours of illumination.  Lack of sufficient light is 
OW>your biggest problem.  This is not a cheap solution (i.e., total cost of 
OW>ballast and bulbs approx. $250)
OW>4) Add laterite to your gravel.
OW>5) Add a supplement that contains iron but not P or N.
OW>6) Maintain your existing water changes.