Re: What lights to buy?

>From: Christine Martens <Christine_Martens at qmgates_affymax.com>
>Subject: What lights to buy?
>The tank size means I'm stuck with 24" bulbs, which limits choices somewhat. I 
>have found Phillips F20 T12 bulbs with a 5000K rating for $5.50, which sounds 
>good after the $19 - 25 prices of "aquarium" bulbs. I am under the impression 
>that a 5000K fluorescent bulb is a 5000K fluorescent bulb; is that correct? (
>at least to a first approximation.) 

No, not quite correct.  The 5000K is only an approximate "color".  The
spectra may be a little different.  Also, it doesn't say anything about the
intensity. For example, the Philips F20T12/C50 (Colortone 50, 5000K) is
rated at 850 initial lumens and 755 design lumens, while the Philips
F20T12/50U (Ultralume, 5000K) is rated at 1340 initial lumens and 1260
design lumens.  That's 2/3 more output at the same color approximation.