I have been looking for fertilizers to mix into PMDD's and have found
something that is close to the recipie. Im not totally sure that it is
alright to use though so I thought I would post the ingredients to the list:

11% Potassium as Potassium Sulphate
5% Iron as Ferrous Sulphate
5% Calcium as Calcium Carbonate
2% Magnesium as Magnesium Sulphate
2% Manganese as Manganese Sulphate
1.5% Copper as Copper Sulphate
1% Zinc as Zinc Oxide
2% Boron as Borax
1% Molybdenum as Sodium Molybdate

Questions: What purpose does Potassium provide? What effects will such a
high percentage have? Is Potassium used excessively by plants?

No where does it say that any of these ingredients are chelated. Is Ferrous
Sulphate the result of chelation? What will happen if I use this product and
the ingredients are unchelated?

This product contains Copper. Has anyone else got copper in thier trace
elements? Will Copper Sulphate poison the water or is it safe in this form?

Will the Magnesium concentration be adequate or should I add to it?

What provides the EDTA here? Is it vitally important?

Thanks in advance.

Andrew (ignorance is bliss!!!!!)