SAE in Albany Aquarium

I have visited Albany Aquarium last Friday to get 4 SAE. It is nice to get those little 
creatures to clean my tank. But the buying experience is not so good.

I think the owner (?) of Albany Aquarium really knows what the plant people want. She 
find my desire to get those SAE after I walk into the door and tell her how hard to find 
those fishes and eventually I drive 70 miles one way from San Jose to her store. After I 
visit the store (they really have a lot of SAE on stock) and ask the price of SAE. She 
told me the price of the SAE on the upper floor is $10.00 each ( no price mark on those 
tanks ).  When I told her I saw the SAE price show on the lower floor is $5.99. She told 
me $5.99 is for small size and $10.00 is for big one. And small size SAE was sold out in 
that single tank. She also told me there is no problem to sold those SAE if I do not 
want them. I finally paid her 40 dollors since I do not want to lost the SAE. Before I 
left the store, I pass throuth the almost empty $5.99 SAE tank and find there is still a 
SAE in with the same size as the one in my bag!

Be carefully when you are doing business with those robber!

GKO@Sunny Cupertino