Radican Marble Queen

I just purchased a couple of Radican Marble Queen plants that were extremely 
healthy looking when I brought them home, but now the leaves are thinning, 
fading and perforating with holes. All the other plants in my tanks are doing 
great, so what might be the cause for the Marble Queens burning out? I know I 
usually have a low level of nitrates, but none of the other plants seem to 
suffer. Is there a chance that this is just the result of shock from being 
placed in different water and chemistry than they were raised in? I don't want 
to mess with my tank's chemistry too much because every time I do I end up 
causing crypt melt on my prize centerpiece cryptocorne.

Are Radican's really difficult to keep? Should I maybe pot it in a special soil 
mix so it has a more desirable substrate?

Douglas Duncan
email: duncand at sprynet_com
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