Re: unhooking a UGF

> I originally had an UG filter in my 35 gal. tank.  About 10 years ago I 
> unhooked the airline but left the filter plate in place.  No problems 
> with this setup so far.  If something detrimental has not happened in 10 
> years, I doubt it ever will.  Thus, the reasoning behind my original 
> recommendation.  Has anyone ever developed a problem with a 
> non-functional UG filter?
I also simply  removed the uplift tubes and airstones from my UGF. I did 
this about five months ago. There were lots of bubbles coming up from 
the gravel for about two weeks, then everything stabilized 
completely. I monitored all nitrogen compounds and found no change 
for several weeks, so assumed all was well. Plants are fine. Fish are 
fine. YMMV

Michael A. Rodgers
michael_rodgers at mindlink_bc.ca