Flowering Aponogeton

Hi, all!  I found a flower stalk growing from my 18" tall aponogeton 
longiplumolosus and moved it to grow out of the aquarium rather than getting 
caught under the glass.  The "Aquarium Plants" book by Barry James says "the 
seeds that form germinate readily in the gravel."  How do I pollinate the 
flowers once they form?  What are the best conditions to produce new plants? 
 The tank is a 125g discus community tank with totally inadequate lighting - 
60watts.  The icecap ballast failed after working for 3 hours.  The company 
is sending a new one - I'll have 190 watts once its  working.  Temp 83F and 
last week's water chemistry was pH 6.7, nitrates and nitrites 0, phosphate 
2.0ppm, KH 2 gdh, CO2 15ppm, Fe 0.  The biowheel was removed last week but 
the water is still running down the ramp.  I need to redo the tubing to fix 
it.  Substrate is peat/clay/vermiculite covered with gravel.

On another topic, I tried to grow green water to feed my algae filtering 
shrimp (they are in a 10gal that is algae free).   It was a complete 
failure.  A little lettuce in a large glass jar with a lid,  set in the sun 
for several weeks.  The water turned sour and grew mold.  I thought growing 
green water was supposed to be easy!  What did I do wrong?

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil