Re: Eliminating Digests-Within-Digests

Thanks to Mark at actwin.com, the digest-within-a-digest problem should 
now be eliminated.  This was accomplished by setting things up (sorry for 
the technical lingo :) such that any post containing the footer of the 
APD will be rejected (thanks, also, to everyone that suggested that).  

I tested it and it works.  YAY!  

The rejected post is bounced to me and I want you to be forewarned that I 
will NOT hunt through all that to extract the pertinent post and forward 
it to the list unless it's obvious that post is short and the footer 
just snuck in. 

Also, could y'all please limit the amount of text included with 
responses/answers; please include just enough so that everyone knows 
which questions/comments you're responding to.