Re: Update on False siamensis

> From: Cathy Drzyzgula <cathyd at clark_net>
> Subject: Re: Update on False siamesis 
> inch.  The smallest has very little red.  The fish still swim around most of
> the time, occasionaly resting on their fins on the bottom.  The smalles fish
> rests more on Cryptocoryne leaves than the bottom.  

Not flying foxes, and certainly not real siamensis.  Everything else looks
just like false siamensis except those 2 pairs of barbels, and that red
part in fins.  So, it is either C. oblongus or some other close relative
to false siamensis.   

My late false siamensis, Nelson, had slightly yellowish fins with some 
dark in dorsal, and some bright red near the mouth, but it never showed 
any reddish in the fins.  But then it never showed the best colors, 
because it was constantly harassed by my big bullies Piglet the green 
Garra and Redtail the red-tailed shark.  It was always very shy and these 
two meanies prevented it often from eating.  Nelson committed a suicide 
by jumping out from the tank when I was 10 days away in December, and 
these two bullies might know more about that than they admit.  When I'll
get a new false siamensis, it will not go to the same tank with them.

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