Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of questions, My Brother teaches High School Biology and wants
to use a tank of mine that leaks at the top to set up a paladrium with the
class. (sp? The tank that is half full of water with aquatic plants, bog plants
and house plants; and fish as well as amphibians ect.) We want to use native
fish, s.a. minnows, small bass or whatever, and maybe cray fish (craw daddies
here in MO) and frogs or something. I realy know nothing about this and told
him I'd find out. Is anyone aware of how-to books on this subject? I have lots
of fish books but I have not seen any books on this subject. Is this the list
where Karen Randall is? How did you learn how to do this? Or better yet, how
can I learn how to do this? How do you make the different levels?  TIA

Also, I keep forgetting to join AGA. I know they had a recent article on
leaving UGF in the tank when switching over to some other mode of filtration;
whether it was ok or not. People who are members, what did the article say? Is
it ok?

Carol Darnell