fw: Help: Parotocinclus eating Echinodorus

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Date: 31 Aug 95 01:37:38 EDT
From: Robert Miehle <100341.641 at compuserve_com>
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Subject: Help: Parotocinclus eating Echinodorus
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after only two weeks having a well planted tank, my broad-leafed
Echinodorus are looking like Aponogeton madagascariensis. They are
eaten by two Parotocinclus.

How can I convince them, that algae taste much better than

Ancistrus are said to eat Echinodorus, and one should provide a piece
of driftwood for their need of cellulose (hope, that's right...). And
I do have driftwood in my tank.

Yes, I've thought about giving my Parotocinclus away, but how to catch
them in a well planted tank?

Robert Miehle (Germany)