Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #276

Regarding unsightly wires with the Ice Cap ballasts - - I would caution 
against braiding the lines together.  If I understand correctly the solid 
state ballast first converts 60 cycle to 30,000 cycles per second.  This 
gives a very steady light that is with no flicker.  At  any rate, perhaps 
a more recent engineering grad out there can comment on the effect of 
high frequency current on impedence (resistance).  Since impedence acts 
like resistance and is a function of frequency - you may be asking for 
trouble by braiding the wires together.  This is my semi-educated guess 
and I will yield to somebody with better credentials.  BTW, you could 
call customer service at ICe Cap and ask them.  If there is a problem 
with braiding the wires then they should caution folks about the problem.

Any takers out there who would like to follow up on this and give us an 
informed answer instead of an opionion?