Re: Cotton in yeast reactor

> The water in yeast bottle is 3" below the cap, so no water should get through. I
> don't remember seeing any water get into the tube. Could the nutrient carrying 
> moisture mixed with CO2 travel together to the reactor? I think this is 
> possible. Anyone know a DIY way to dry the CO2 from yeast bottle?
> rgds..kbkoh

Even if your water level is 3" below the cap, depending on your exact ratio
of sugar:yeast:water you could easily get frothing of the mixture that could
go into your tank, especially if you ever shake the bottle.  I think this
is a pretty normal occurence & you shouldn't worry about it, but as to an
idea as to how to avoid it, you could try putting some cotton-wool at the
top of your bottle so absorb the moisture.  It might get too soggy though
but it's an idea.  Or you could pass your CO2 line through a dessicator or
some container containing silica gel or something similar.

Just my 2 cents worth.

P.S. I've just been GIVEN a 55 gal tank by a friend who is moving apartment
& sick of fishkeeping at the moment (they might want it back eventually but
it's mine to play with in the meantime!).  It has a UGF on it & I think
I'll stick with that unless I get the DIY heating cables figured out (I have
an engineer friend who could help me with that).  After all my anaerobic
tank problems I like UG flow.

Anyway ... I'm tossing up between trying a native fish & plants aquarium
(e.g. bluegills etc from Wisconsin lakes) or something else involving plants.
I would love to hear peoples opinions.  

Please email me at stevensj at calshp_cals.wisc.edu