Re:plant safe medications?

I recently made the big mistake of buying a dozen Serpae Tetras from a store
that I hadn't dealt with before. Not having a quarantine tank, I foolishly
introduced the fish directly into my 90 gal. planted tank which contained
several gouramis, two pl*cos, two Kuhli loaches, and three Clown loaches.  I
soon had reason to bitterly regret taking this chance.  

Although the Tetras looked healthy when I got them, within 3 days I noticed
symptoms of exophthalmia in one of the fish.  By the next day one had died
followed by another the following day, along with the largest of my 4 year
old Kuhli Loaches.  I euthanized three other Tetras as they developed the
symptoms and for the last four days have noticed no signs of exophthalmia in
the surviving fish.

This evening, however, I noticed that all three Clown Loaches have
Ichthyophthirius!  My first case of Ick in 7 or 8 years.  I immediatly began
treating the tank with Aquari-Sol, a preparation which contains "Zycosin-
soluble copper salts". I used this medication because the label said it was
safe for plants.  

I would like to know if Aquari-Sol is *really* safe for plants?  Should I
continue the use of this product?  Is there another product which would be
more plant friendly?  I have a wide variety of plants in the tank.  I
thought of using malachite green, but figured that it would cut down so much
on the amount of light in the tank that it would have an adverse effect on
the plants.  Is salt safe?  If so, in what concentrations?  I would
appreciate any information on this subject that others here would care to


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